Meet the Artist
Elizabeth Robinette Tyndall

Ever since she was a child, Elizabeth has loved the feeling of creating.  Whether it be with a paintbrush and casting those first strokes upon a canvas, or the feeling of fresh cut flowers being artistically arranged in a vase of water.  Something inside of her ignites and the passion she has for creating begins to flow.   She has been floral designing since she was 16; combining the importance of line, color and various textures in her arrangements.   She has combined her creative skills into a passion where clients encouraged her to pursue her artistic dreams.

Elizabeth is a Painter, inspired by nature.  She is a Mom, loves mochas, old houses, playing in the garden, photography, decorating, writing, reading, creating soulspace and searching for beauty to paint everywhere.  She has been painting for over 20 years and has been a florist for over 10 years. She has attended many art classes in college along with several art seminars, one being in her most favorite place on earth; Yosemite National Park.  She has also been a contracted artist where  she was given the opportunity to design 3 game playing cards for Fleer Corporation.  She also created a one-of-a-kind game card for "Magic the Gathering."

She is honored to announce that she is one of the winning artists of the NEW California Whale Tail License Plate!  She, along with a graphic designer, helped create the beautiful new image of a humpback whale tail emerging from the beautiful blue waters of the California coast!  If you are able to purchase a Whale Tail license plate, your dollar directly benefits the coast and our connection to it. The DMV distributes funds to support the California Coastal Commission, the State Coastal Conservancy, and the California State Environmental License Plate Fund. In turn, they support: California Coastal Cleanup Day, Coastal Access and Recreation, The Adopt A Beach Program, Other Education, Protection, and Restoration Efforts and an array of programs that inspire children and adults to value and take care of our precious coastline. Elizabeth is so grateful to be apart of a cause that helps directly benefit coastal conservation, education, and recreation programs.

Elizabeth has also done work for Mercer Caverns, where they hired her to be the "cave artist."  She made a map of the cavern come to life, designed posters, brochure holders and t-shirts.  She also illustrated two inventions created by J. Paoluccio at the University of the Pacific.  She has studied under several art mentors including Moira Donohoe,  Maryjo Koch; noted Illustrator of Botanicals, Mario Moreno, Jennifer Barrows and Donna Snyder.

Her love for nature is evident in her paintings.  One of her favorite challenges is capturing the presence of reflective water through light.  Her true passion comes back to creating special pieces for the home, as a gift, or for a friend.  She loves the feeling of giving and being able to share her joy through creating art for others.  She  is doing her small part to help preserve the California Delta and hopes that through her art, she can create an awareness to preserve the beauty of these special places.

She appreciates your support and taking the time to view her work.   She believes that she was given a talent by God to share His beauty about the world through the use of paint and canvas.  She hopes that the collectors of her work can be touched in some way and take time to enjoy the moments in life and reflect on the joy and beauty that has been given to us each day.

When she is not a busy Mom or busy painting, she is passionate about writing, reading, baking, crafting, decorating, antiquing and so much more!  She feels there is no limit to what she can do.  Elizabeth is always up for any challenge and is continuously learning and progressing.  Happily married and a Mom of two wonderful children, Elizabeth at the age of 39,  looks forward each day to creating more.  Her forte are landscapes, but she specifically enjoys studying the movement of water and the way the light hits the surface.  She also enjoys painting animals, waterscapes, pet portraits and more.  She has even painted pictures of sports cars.

If you are interested in purchasing prints of her art, please click on "Gallery & Prints For Sale," and you will find prints of all sizes to purchase along with notecards you can customize.  Some Original artwork is for sale as well.  She is continually adding new artwork weekly.  Elizabeth is currently unavailable for commissioned pieces.  We will keep you updated when she becomes available to do custom art.   In the near future, please feel free to send her an e-mail and she will gladly work with you in creating the perfect affordable piece!  

M e e t   t h e   A r t i s t

      Elizabeth Offers unique and varied styles using different mediums.

Her Paintings include:

    * Landscapes

    * Beach Scenes

    * Boat Scenes
    * Seascapes

    * Floral Designs

    * Still Lifes

    * Pet Portraits
    * Cars
    * Home Decor Art

    * And Much More!

Click on "Gallery and Prints For Sale" above, and you can view more of her work.

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  • 2018 - Currently selling  "New" Greeting Cards online!  Exclusively Designed and Painted for all occasions by Elizabeth the artist!

  • 2014 -  New products available on High Quality Canvas/Paper Prints of her art, Notecards, pillows, totebags, worldwide through FAA since 2009

  • 2011 - Artist and Designer of the New California Whale Tail License Plate!!!

  • Private collections of her work may be found in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennslyvania, Vermont, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, South Australia, Texas, Florida, Europe, throughout California and Internationally as well.

  • 2010 - Sold "Unique Gifts and Delta Inspired Art" at the new Delta Farmer's Market just East of the Rio Vista Bridge

  • 2010 - Ironstone Vineyards Open Division Art Show Exhibitor -"A Spring Obsession" Murphy's, CA

  • 2009 - Began selling High Quality Canvas/Paper Prints and Customizable Notecards  worldwide through FAA

  • 2008 - Discover Art League: Annual Judged Art Show Exhibitor- East Bay

  • 2008 - Designer and founder of the website

  • 2007 - Wedding Floral Designer for NY Opera Singers, MaryAnne Paquin-Robinette and Jason Robinette- Forest Hills, NY

  • 2003 - Fleer/Skybox International LP: Contracted Artist for a collectable trading card game titled "Ophidian 2350"
         Designed 3 cards

  • 2003 - Spring Home and Garden Show Exhibitor - Stockton, CA

  • 2002-2003 - Floral Designer for Silveria's in Lincoln Center: Created large upscale Flower Arrangements for weddings, parties, window displays, large events, including high end arrangements for Lincoln Center and for Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Spanos (Owners of the NFL San Diego Chargers)

  • 2002 - Contracted Artist for "Magic the Gathering," a collectable trading card.
         Designed the "Mox             Crystal" Trading

  • 2002 - Worked for Aldrich School of Art

  • 2002 - Created a map of "Perry's Cave" in

  • 2001- Exibitor at the Haggin Museum - "My First Masterpiece" painting

  • 2000 - Contracted Artist for J. Paoluccio; Inventions for the University of the Pacific

  • 2000 - Created and designed a map of the caves for Mercer Caverns, Murphy's, CA
         Made brochures,
         t-shirts and maps
  • 1996-2002 Floral Designer and Wedding Consultant

Exhibitions and Achievements
Photography Prints
Here is picture from one of my amazing customers of my "Botanical Bird Nest" print that they have displayed in their home!

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